Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Protestors marched on the home of a top judge accused of child abuse this weekend – to find him cowering behind his curtains.
Police told campaigners who supported 14 year old ‘family court’ victim Rosy Stanesby on Saturday that Judge David Tyzack would not come out of his luxury home to explain why he ‘ruined her childhood’.
Tyzack stopped Ivybridge schoolgirl Rosy from seeing her father for nine years for no reason, behind closed doors in his secret assizes at Plymouth.
The traumatised youngster, who’s now 14, is demanding the judge apologise and be held publicly to account for his actions.

She and her dad Jolly, a high profile civil rights campaigner, appealed for help from the public after a Devon and Cornwall police officer allegedly threatened Rosy with a ‘criminal record’ because she wrote a letter to the accused judge asking for him to say sorry.
On Sunday, thanks to the rally in her support, Rosy’s letter was handed over the elderly alleged child abusers gate.
A policeman and guard dog stood watch over the house as a second officer took the envelope to post through the judge’s door.
Outside Rosy joined children and parents in denouncing the judge and his courts for systematic cruelty towards her and other youngsters.
Standing symbolically handcuffed to her father she said; “David Tyzack tried to stop me seeing my Dad for nine years for no good reason at all.
“It was a really hard time going through it all because I missed my father so much. I want some answers now. I want him to say sorry for ruining my childhood.
“It’s just sickening, especially for a judge, that he won’t account for his actions.”
She recalled: “Since I’ve sent the judge letters, the other day the police came round knocking on my door; they claimed that they were looking for my Dad.
“But I gave them his number and mine – and they never rang me. So it seems that was a complete lie. And about a week later, I was at my Dads when a policeman rang my phone.
“My Dad took the call, and the policeman said it was about my writing to the Judge. He asked my Dad if he wanted ‘his daughter to get a criminal record’, and asked us to go down to the police station.
“All that for writing a few letters to the judge that completely destroyed my family; apparently the judge is scared – he wants me to be done for harassment. It’s ridiculous.”
Fathers for Justice founder Matt O’Connor said: “Whilst Judge David Tyzack is happy to dispense his form of justice in secret, behind closed doors, he isn’t so keen on answering to the court of public opinion.
“His house, bought with the proceeds of crimes committed in the family courts, was protected by a Police van, police cars and plain clothes police officers dotted around the parameter of his property.
“He was at home, but refused to accept the letter from Rosy, preferring to hide behind his curtains as he hides every day in his secret court. Anybody would think there was something he was ashamed of.
“Supported by her Dad Jolly, Rosy gave a moving speech about the trauma caused to her as a result of Judge Tyzack’s decisions and attacked his cowardice for failing to apologise to her and to face his own judge and jury at his gate.
“Undeterred by the lack of hospitality, in true Rogue Traders tradition, Rosy has promised to continue her pursuit of an apology from Judge Tyzack.
“She wants to remind this so called god-loving, Christian parish councillor that one of Christianity’s most famous lines is going to haunt him. The line of prayer that begins; ‘In the name of the father…’
There’s mounting pressure regionally and across Britain to abolish the so-called ‘family courts’, as overwhelming evidence of routine and widespread child abuse and human rights violations comes to light.
The secret assizes still have no juries, are closed to the public, and censored to reporters, because its rogue judges refuse to obey laws passed by our democratically elected Parliament.
There’s escalating pressure from the public for the undemocratic body to close for good.
Victims say the courts have been a forum of systematic abuse kept from public gaze for decades, and are calling for the public prosecution of court staff by democratic jury law.
Those accused include so-called ‘family lawyers’, the ‘Cafcass’ probation officers the court uses to dictate how long a child should be kept apart from their parents, and in many cases Britains’ reviled and embattled social workers .
David Tyzack is under mounting local and national pressure after a series of cases he ruled over were exposed as civil rights outrages, which the judge later tried to cover up with legal threats.
It’s emerged he not only effectively kidnapped Rosy from her father for nine years, but has kept a vulnerable 84 year man from seeing his beloved wife for the last three years.
John Coles from Exeter has been banned from seeing his wife of 55 years Maggie ever since he complained of the alleged mistreatment of residents at her care home in the town.
Tyzack has issued three annual gagging orders banning the frail OAP from speaking to anyone about what’s happened to him; Mr Coles has also been threatened with incarceration, and his home broken into by social workers, since he spoke up to criticise their system.