Sunday, 28 October 2007

Fathers stage court protest

Fathers' rights protesters staged a demo outside a Torquay courthouse yesterday.

Placards were placed outside the court supporting the Fathers-4-Justice campaign for equal rights for both parents in custody cases, and calling for scrapping of the Child Support Agency.
They were at Torbay Magistrates Court for the hearing of a case of a member, Jolly Stanesby who had his driving licence suspended by magistrates yesterday for refusing to pay child maintenance.

The defendant appeared for non-payment of three liability orders totalling £522.82 dating back to 2003.

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Anonymous said...

When why not and try to understand the reason why Jolly stands up to the government. I just hope your never in that position, Bless you i hope you understand that 'Seperated Fathers have no rights to they're children'If your partner should leave with the kids , If you are ever in that situation and your a loving, caring dad then there's always Fathers 4 Justice you can come to.