Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Give Dads Equal Rights

Dear Friends,

This despicable corrupt injustice that we & our children are experiencing must stop !

If societies answer to a responsible parent, wanting to do the right thing for their children, is to humiliate, belittle, degrade, generally abuse & then incarcerate that parent, then I for one am not willing to accept that inhumane treatment from our oppressors, & watch while our children & fellow citizens are tormented in this way.

But nothing comes for free & rarely does the oppressor give in to the oppressed without a fight, especially when they have a lot to hide.

So now is the time to keep focused on these injustices thrown at us, come out of our comfort zones, stop crying in the corner & in unity take on the challenge.

Our endeavors must be relentless until these career driven, spineless, vultures(Our so called superiors in law) treat us with humanity & do what is right & just, for our children & our society judge us as equals.

In this there is no place for failure

Jolly Stanesby